Solar panel maintenance

Post-Storm Solar Panel Maintenance for Homeowners

Solar panels for the home are growing in popularity and have become increasingly affordable since they first became available for widespread use in the 1970s. Another data point for homeowners to consider when choosing to utilize solar panels is ...


How to Storm-Proof Your Home Entryways

Depending on where you live, there are some serious precautions you need to take against hail and other debris scattered around by storms and tornadoes. If you live in a state prone to tornadoes, hail or other extreme weather events, you would be wis ...

cracked Spanish tile roof with hail damage

Hail – When to worry!

Hail happens and you’re often wondering “What the HAIL do I do now?” First take a look at the hail that is falling: the smaller it is the less you have to worry about. However once it hits a certain size your home or business will begin to get da ...

Remodeled Restaurant

Tips for Restaurant Renovations

Building integrity, roofing, foundation, flooring, walls Purchasing a building will require inspection and most likely renovations. This is a great time to knock out major renovations as well as cosmetic updates. Building integrity is a major compon ...

Luxury deck with seating, grills, and plants

Get Your Deck Ready for Cookout Season

Patio season is upon us and Classic Construction & Restoration has some quick tips for getting your deck ready for cookouts, gatherings, meals and more! Read on to learn how you can take your deck from drab to fab.

Apartment community swimming pool

Attractive Nuisances and Your Property

Have you ever thought that you might be liable for a trespasser injuring themselves on your multi-family complex or commercial property? If not, you should be aware that it is a serious liability if you possess amenities that could potentially be a f ...

Water damage inside a commercial structure

Categorizing Water Damage

Water Damage Basics Untreated water damage can quickly move from category 2 to category 3. Water damage comes in many forms and how it is categorized can effect the cost of the repairs. Simple puddling of water in front of a toilet or sink can u ...

Kitchen with floral backsplash

Choosing the Right Tile for Your Home or Business

Tiling your floors is never an easy job. It requires patience and can sometimes be very time-consuming depending on the type of tile you choose, the shape of the space in which you're installing tile, if you're doing it yourself, and how much experie ...

cracked sidewalk

Sidewalk Damage Repair for Multifamily and HOAs

Types of Sidewalk Damage First and foremost, it is going to be vital to understand the different causes of sidewalk damage; shifting ground, broken concrete, and root damage. Shifting ground is caused by the large amounts of water directly under con ...