Categorizing Water Damage

Water Damage Basics

Water damage inside a commercial structure
Untreated water damage can quickly move from category 2 to category 3.

Water damage comes in many forms and how it is categorized can effect the cost of the repairs. Simple puddling of water in front of a toilet or sink can usually be cleaned up with at home supplies like a mop but more extensive water damage like from a flood or storm needs to be handled with care by a professional. When water collects in larger amounts, it can lead to mold or bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. It is important to contact your insurance company right away once your water damage hits a higher level on the classification scale. Classic knows how to handle all types of water damage repairs using our professional moisture testing to determine the severity and can even help you navigate the insurance claim process faster.

Category 1: DIY Water Damage Control

When making sure water damage is under control, first assess the damage by making sure the source has been completely shut off. Your next task after assessing the source would be to completely dry everything in the surrounding area as much as possible with your home supplies, this will allow you to start getting rid of any moisture that may be in your home as soon as possible. Once you clean and dry the area, make sure to remove and toss damaged porous materials and inspect for serious issues like mold.

Category 2: Water Damage with Possible Health Risks

Water damage comes in three different categories 1, 2, and 3. Each category represents a different kind of water and how that water can effect your home and family. Category 1 is the one you’d want to have, if you wanted water damage that is. It is called “clean water” and does not pose any risk to humans (or pets). Category 2 is known as “gray water” and can make you sick should you come in contact with it. If this type of water is in your home it is important to remedy it right away to prevent your family (and pets) from feeling ill and damage to your home.

Category 3: Contaminated & Unsanitary Water Damage

The most dangerous and scary water damage category of them all, Category 3 refers to damage that includes unsanitary elements like sewage, bacteria, stagnant water from a flood, and contents from a toilet overflow. It’s often referred to as “black water” and can cause serious illness or even death. Not only is this category extremely unsafe to your family (and pets) it can lead to damage in your home that can only be handled by a professional.

Here’s one thing to be careful of: Category 2 water damage can easily turn into a Category 3 if it wasn’t properly addressed by either you or the company you worked with. The difference isn’t just a health risk, but can cost thousands more to remove and repair.

Why & When Pros Can Help (insurance claims for water damage)

A flooded apartment unit
Flooding causes hidden water damage, including mold.

As harmless as water damage in Category 1 or Category 2 might seem, we highly recommend getting a second opinion from a professional. When our team comes to visit your home or property, we perform several tests and can take hundreds of photos that will help document your case and ensure that any insurance claims are well-documented. Many times home and business owners find the insurance claim process daunting and overwhelming, this is where Classic comes in. We have 90 years of dealing with insurance companies and have the expertise to handle your insurance claim with ease to get your home or business repaired quickly and properly.

In Conclusion

You’ve taken the right step by learning more about the different categories of water damage so that you can ensure that when you experience it, you’re ready to find the right professional to ensure that it’s addressed safely. We know that Health and Safety are important to you and our team shares those values.

With over 2,000 projects completed within the year, our team has seen and done it all – and with care. If you’re unsure about what water damage category best describes your situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our fully-licensed team anytime. (972) 437-0909

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