Choosing a Company for Maintenance in 2022

The new year is right around the corner and that means a new opportunity to establish a proper budget for your home maintenance in 2022. Planning how to develop your future projects will be the key to success when welcoming the new year. Read on to learn more about Classic’s construction and restoration process as well as our promise for your community’s 2022 maintenance plan!

Pre-construction/Planning & Staging

Apartment CommunityPre-construction is an important process where you should plan to mitigate risks associated with constructing a project, including evaluation of the construction site, permit and inspection requirements, and any other special situations that need to be resolved before or during construction. This initial phase of the project helps to lay out the project’s entire scope and schedule for the construction team as well as the client(s). Pre-construction helps allow the planning and staging process to go smoothly and quickly, as well as allow you to stay within requirements and budgets set.


Classic Construction’s award winning team will take the expertly created plans and execute them. Our Field Managers and Project Managers are on-site to oversee the construction, demolition, or restoration crews and ensure all work is being done correctly, and up to code. Whether it’s a large roofing job, full fire restoration, or performing annual inspections and maintenance, we have the knowledge and certifications to deploy the plans, and the ability to correct when things aren’t going to plan, and our Account Managers will keep you in the loop as your project progresses.

Services We Offer

HOA and Condo CommunityClassic Construction & Restoration, Inc offers the full slate of construction and remediation services for multifamily dwellings and apartments, HOA communities, single residences, and other types of commercial buildings. We serve the greater DFW area, Austin, San Antonio, and are licensed to work in Louisiana as well. If you have a construction project large or small, Classic is the team for you!

In Conclusion

Classic Construction promises to deliver top-quality work on budget, and on time. Ring in the new year with a promise to value our clients as a top priority. From pre-construction, staging and planning, to the deployment of our team to your property, we only bring you the best quality service. Contact us for an estimate today!

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