Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Commercial Property

Lighting is one of the most important elements for your commercial property. It can set the mood for your restaurant or shop, it can ensure the safety of your customers and employees, and it can affect productivity and well-being of your staff! We have tips for figuring out what kind of lighting you need to present the best version of your company.

Survey Your Space

When you begin to think about lighting for your commercial space the first thing you want to think about is what kind of space are you lighting. Are you getting lighting for a restaurant, office space, gas station, etc. You’ll want to be sure to choose lighting that works best for your space. Before you pick out lighting take a good look around your space and get familiar with where everything will be placed and what areas will need the best lighting. Doing this before you even go shopping for lighting will set your commercial space up for success.

Choosing the Correct Lighting for Your Space

With so many varieties of lighting available for commercial spaces, it can be hard to choose the right light for your space. Not only must you determine the type of lighting to create a functional and/or mood for the space (Ambient, Task, Accent and Decorative lighting), the next step is to choose incandescent, fluorescent/compact fluorescent (CFL), or LED lighting based on the need and the available space.

Each has a different cost associated with the type and working with an expert can help you iron out the details between functional lighting, mood lighting, available space, and price efficiency.

When to Call a Professional

When your lighting options can vary depending on the particular needs of your indoor or outdoor space, making sure the connections to these lighting fixtures can be as easy as picking up the phone. Our team at Classic will make sure your voltage connections are setup correctly so you won’t have to worry about the safety hazards of doing it yourself.

Lighting is an important part of a building remodel or new build. With our tips for surveying your space, choosing the right type of lighting, and knowing when to consult a professional, you’ll have a better idea of where to start. Call Classic today or fill out a contact form for a free estimate!

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