Coronavirus decontamination and why you should consider hiring a professional sanitation crew

Here at Classic Construction, we know there is a lot of fear and uncertainty concerning the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in our workplaces. We also understand that preventing the spread of the disease is at the top of everyone’s priority list right now. This is why we’ve come up with a decontamination solution for you.

Decontamination of a room after an incident. Practical exercisesAccording to the Center for Disease Control, COVID-19 is primarily spread “through person-to-person contact through respiratory droplets from an infected person.” However, as scientist continue to learn more about this virus, they have found that it is possible that the virus can also be spread through direct contact with common and frequently touched surfaces such as computer keyboards and mice, phones, doorknobs, sinks, countertops, and tables. All of these are surfaces that are likely to be found in office spaces, schools and common areas of multifamily properties. For surfaces such as these, the CDC recommends daily disinfecting and cleaning.

At Classic Construction we recommend that these surfaces be cleaned professionally at regular intervals for a host of reasons.

The first reason is that preventing the spread of the disease starts with the sanitation crew. At Classic, we simply don’t recommend DIY cleaning for this event. Hospital staff and professional cleaners are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) that protect them from getting infected with the virus and from direct contact with the cleaning products used. In do it yourself (DIY) procedures, these materials are absent or of inferior quality and might increase the chances of contamination for the person carrying out the procedure.

Most regular janitorial and maintenance staff will not be adequately prepared to protect themselves from contracting the virus while they are in the process of decontaminating. This is especially true now that the Texas government is trying to send all available PPE be to those in required fields and essential businesses, primarily those in the healthcare industry.

Professional contractor in PPE at officeAdditionally, professionally trained cleaning crews understand decontamination best practices. Because there is still relatively little known about the Coronavirus, there is a chance that it might benefit from incorrect cleaning procedures and spread even further. For example, cleaning with the incorrect use of swipes or materials could, in fact, spread the virus to different surfaces, increasing its contamination rate.

More importantly, the disinfection of contaminated surfaces requires handling of potent chemicals, since detergent cleaning is known for not eliminating microbial contamination, and even potentially spreading the contamination from one surface to the next. For this reason, it is important to accurately assess the area and allow for proper personnel to handle the cleaning procedure.

At Classic Construction, our teams can skillfully evaluate potential cross contamination and put in place protocols to prevent this from happening. Our knowledge of the process and procedure improves and increases the safety and the use of the hydrogen peroxides and chlorine-containing agents with quaternary ammonium compound formulations that are required to perform an efficient decontamination of the exposed area.

State of emergency over pandemia with coronavirus.What Classic offers to you in this uncertain time is the peace of mind that the area and its contents have been professionally cleaned and disinfected with the agreed upon prescribed and accepted method. Our end product is a sterile working or living space that is free of the contaminate. We also realize that in some situations this service may need to be reoccurring based on the area (i.e. a mail room or common hallways).

Contact us today and we can produce a personalized plan to decontaminate these types of areas on a reoccurring bases with different types of pricing.

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