Fire Damage

Restoration & Reconstruction

Fires are catastrophic to residential or commercial property. Classic Construction & Restoration, Inc understands how traumatic it can be and aims to help restore the property and repair the damage quickly, professionally, and as easily to you as possible.

What Exactly IS Fire Damage?

Fire damage comes in different forms. First and foremost is the actual burned areas. Support beams and framework can be destroyed, interior walls, floors and everything can be charred.

Smoke damage is complex and removal can only be properly performed by professionals.

Water damage from fire sprinklers and fire firefighters is another major type of destruction brought on by fires. Between warping of wood and other materials, and the possibility of mold, extinguishing the fire can cause as much damage as the fire itself.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Fire Damage?  

Classic Construction recommends that you do not go into a building that has had a fire without the approval of the fire department and without proper safety equipment. We will do an inspection for safety and make a plan to restore your property including:

  • Demolition
  • Complete reconstruction
  • Complete restoration

Please do not attempt to assess the damage without a professional. Walls can collapse, floors can crumble and there may be sharp objects around that are hidden by debris.

But don’t worry: Classic Construction is a team of trained professionals who are prepared for the worst fire damage. So, if you experience a fire damage to your home or property, give the professionals a call.  

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