Get Your Deck Ready for Cookout Season

Luxury deck with seating, grills, and plants

Patio season is upon us and Classic Construction & Restoration has some quick tips for getting your deck ready for cookouts, gatherings, meals and more! Read on to learn how you can take your deck from drab to fab.

1. Find Your Inspiration

Before you go piecemealing your deck, take a moment to find your style and inspiration! A cohesive style with well-thought out pieces can make your deck feel intentional rather than thrown together. Is your style rustic? Maybe you like modern. There’s a style for every taste!

2. Make Sure Your Deck is Safe

Repairing a deck

Get your deck or outdoor space ready by checking out the existing structure you have. Make sure the material your deck or outdoor space is made of is in good condition before you start getting the space ready. Unsure if it is? (Or know you need to rebuild)!) Contact Classic Construction for a free inspection and quote today. Well make sure you’re up to code and ready to enjoy your deck or outdoor space through any hot summer, even a Texas one!

3. Don't Forget the Grill

There are many types of grills you can use for your outdoor cookout. Here is a quick breakdown of each type of fuel you’d want to look into.

  • Charcoal – Get that amazing chargrilled taste with a charcoal grill. These grills are typically the least expensive, but do require more clean up once you’re done grilling.
  • Gas – One of the more popular options, gas grills are quick and easy to use and clean up! Propane grills will require a propane tank that most grocery or home improvement stores. For the more serious grillmasters, consider installing a conversion kit so you can connect your grill to your house’s main gas line.
  • Wood Pellet – Wood Pellet grills are electrically powered, but burn wood pellets for that classic wood fire taste. These pellets are stored in a hopper that feeds into the grill as needed to maintain the set temperature.
  • Electric – Electric grills are easy to use and clean up, requiring only an electrical outlet to run. These grills are usually smaller than other types of grills, some models are even portable! You won’t get the cooking flavors from other grill types, but marinades or liquid smoke can be added.
  • Smoker – If you’re a fan of the deep, smoky flavor, consider a dedicated smoker grill! Smokers cook foods at lower temperatures and longer time compared to the other types of grills. Smokers can come in all types of fuel – charcoal, electric, propane gas, or wood pellets.

4. Letting the Steak Rest? You Should Rest Too

We’ve all been there – you’re getting your grill on and you’re watching it come to delicious life. And you’re waiting. And waiting. Well, while you wait, why not take a breather on some of the hottest new chairs? Whether you want a personalized Grill Master chair or would prefer something compact that you can take with you anywhere you go, we’ve got a wonderful option for you:

5. Don't Let Your Parade Get Rained On

Food isn’t the only obstacle you need to consider when having a cookout! Weather can cause a stumbling drawback if you were planning the day to be beautiful and sunny—yet mother nature brings you to a halt! If you want to avoid the unexpected weather possibilities, make sure to consider adding an awning to your patio or purchasing a weather proof grill to keep your deck cookout ready!

6. Take Care of Tiny Hands and Furry Paws

Furry friends tend to get really excited when you’re out back grilling. Before you start survey the area to check for areas where your pets may get a little too close. Set them up in areas where their fur won’t go flying into your food and they won’t get hurt from hot surfaces. Another thing to think about is where you leave those yummy looking meat pieces! Set up a table near the grill or back door to help with transferring food around so a furry friend doesn’t accidentally run off with your dinner you spent hours preparing!

Speaking of little ones who also need some special setups when you’re outdoor grilling, your kiddos need to have fun too! First and foremost ensure that they are in a safe space away from any hot surfaces, little hands get curious way too quickly! Setup some fun outdoor activities for them like a playground or an inflatable pool so they’ll be close by to keep an eye on but far enough away to be safe. Plus they’ll be having a great time outdoors while you’re grilling away.

7. Finishing Touches

Once you’ve got the set up, don’t forget the extras that make the patio feel more like a retreat and less like your backyard. Throw pillows and blankets are two great options to make your deck feel luxe. Choose materials that are weather-resistant and waterproof, or make sure you have proper storage to protect them.

Outdoor string lights provide soft, warm lighting as a finishing touch. Other options to consider would be fire pits and lanterns You can often find solar-powered and LED lights that provide adjustable lighting without giving off heat.

It's Your Deck!

Whether you’re sprucing up your home deck, creating a cozy environment for your multifamily community, or setting up outdoor eating at your restaurant, keep in mind best practices to keep your deck in tip-top shape and provide comfort to you and your guests.

Classic Construction is available for new builds and restoration to existing decks and patios. For quick and correct service, schedule your free consultation today.

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