How To Prep Your Home Exterior for The Fall

Fall home exterior prepsFall isn’t just for buying the cutest seasonal decorations for the home! It’s also time to make sure some of the largest structures & features of a home are ready for the season. Here is our list of fall must-have checks to ensure that you’ll be staying warm and that your exterior is prepped while you cozy up with your Pumpkin Spiced Latte after you learn how to prep your home exterior for the fall.

Check for Air Leaks In Windows

Air leaks in windows can be hard to detect, but can have critical results to your home in colder months. The easiest way to check for an air leak is to look and feel around your windows. You can also conduct a flame test with a candle by lighting the candle and tracing the outline of your window. Renting a thermal camera can also help you if you are having a hard time detecting a leak. If you do identify a leak, you can use a caulking gun, putty knife, and weather-stripping to help seal air leaks in the window frame and grilles. If the issue is more significant than a small air leak that can’t be sealed with the above items, you may need to contact a professional to help you replace your windows.

Prep Your Pool

You’ve spent all summer enjoying the pool in this hot Texas weather – now it’s time to prepare to close the pool for the winter. Aside from the usual Fall maintenance of cleaning rogue leaves, you can get a head start on some of these activities to get your pool ready for fall (and prep for winter):

  • Clean Pool Accessories & Store Them
  • Test Your Water Quality To Prevent Algae Growth
  • Lower Your Water Level


Though the cool weather will bring gloomy rain to your lawn, maintenance will allow your lawn and garden to flourish throughout the fall & make your life easier when the Spring comes. Keeping your lawn flourishing during the cool season of Fall involves testing your soil, feeding your lawn with fertilizer, removing excess thatch, and more simple tasks. Keep in mind, utilizing whatever you can to maintaining your lawn care will keep your visitors happy and your garden peaceful for when Spring rolls back around.


Ensuring that your home is ready for the fall doesn’t always cross a homeowner’s mind, but you can always count on us to help you be prepared and be proactive about protection your lovely home! If you’re looking for tips for a commercial or multi-family residence, give us a call so that we can prepare a quote to get your property fall ready and safe!

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