Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

frozen pipes


You can prepare and prevent frozen pipes, which are a threat to your business-related, including losses resulting from cold temperatures such as leaks and flooding, with enough information and prep time. Cold temperatures can reach areas of your facility that you don’t even think twice about, such as:

  • Isolated storage areas
  • Crawl spaces
  • Closets
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Warehouses

Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

In frigid conditions, your water pipes may break from extreme cold. If possible, make sure pipes that are located in exposed or poorly insulated spaces are shut off and drained, or externally heated by an outside heating element.

  • Properly insulate and/or provide an external heating element to prevent any pipes from freezing
  • Drain any pipes that are not utilized during winter
  • Maintain an indoor temperature of at least 40° F

Your Fire Protection System Can Freeze, Too

Fire prevention sprinkler systems only work if water can actually make it through undamaged systems. Make sure that potentially damp systems, potentially subject to frigid conditions, are properly heated to prevent freezing. In severe cold weather, the response time of the local fire department may be delayed, making a functional sprinkler system even more important.

If you lose heating in a building protected by water sprinklers, try to address the issue immediately. If not easily accessible, shut off your sprinkler system and notify local authorities immediately, to maintain safety in your building.
Ensure that anti-freeze sprinkler systems have the appropriate amount of antifreeze to operate and hold through freezing weather

Insulate and inspect branching lines on water sprinkler systems exposed to extreme cold weather
Check fire pump test headers to make sure they have been properly drained
Routinely check fire pump and dry-pipe sprinkler system equipment rooms to make sure the heaters are in good shape.

Remember, it’s important to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter to save your company money~

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