Protecting Your Residents’ Pets During a Construction Project

keeping pets safe during constructionLosing a pet is hard, and the last thing a contractor wants is to know that they are responsible for the loss of a pet. We understand that there is no easy way inform a resident if this is due to a construction project. That’s why today, we’re going to focus on how you as a property manager can help your residents keep their pets safe during major construction projects.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your residents’ pets are safe.

The Construction Schedule

The best thing you can do for your residents is to know and inform them when construction will be occurring. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor when they plan on doing the work. If they are a professional, they should have no problem letting you know when they have scheduled interior and exterior work.

Understand that a construction schedule can be altered due to the weather. If the construction schedule is changed, alert your residents about any updates or dates that may have changed. Just know that there may be some delay in receiving immediate information regarding the date changes.

Chemicals and Noise

If chemicals are being used, they could be harmful to both the residents and their pets. If the construction crew will be using dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to pets, ensure that your residents are notified. This will give them time so that they can make arrangements to either remove their pets from the property or let the construction workers know where in the unit the pet is located so they can avoid using chemicals in that area.

Additionally, some pets are highly sensitive to loud noises. Unfortunately, construction can’t happen without some unexpected noise here and there. Make sure your residents know so that they can find the best ways to help ease their pets anxiety or make plans accordingly.

Try to Understand Your Contractor’s Point of View

Construction workers are onsite to do a job and most of the time, they will not have direct contact with the residents. They will take every precaution they can to prevent anything negative from happening. However, protecting the pets on the property ultimately should come down to the pets’ owner.

If you want your residents’ pets to be safe and your construction jobs to go as smoothly as possible, please make sure your residents know that it is up to them to make sure their pets are secure and safe.

Here at Classic, our team can meet all your needs and take the necessary precautions to help protect your pets. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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