The scope of this project was to remove and replace the 8 brick wall panels and brick portion of the 9 columns on the north side of the property. This wall is approximately 84 feet long and approximately 4 feet tall. All cast stone caps were removed and reset. The scope did not include removing and replacing any of the stone wall or the concrete footing underneath it.

On the northside of the property on Bending Oaks there are 8 panels of brick wall. This is single wall construction. (One brick wide). There are 3 major columns and 6 minor columns. There is a brick top cap and a brick water table. All of these were replaced.

The existing brick color and style was no longer produced or available. We searched around all of the available brickyards and provided them with a sample for approval. We did our best to provide them with “like kind/quality” brick as what was used on the previous brick wall replacement. The Brick Wall Project was estimated in May 2014. Approved by the HOA for construction in May of 2014, and completed in August 2014.

Aaron Painter

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