Leak and Water Damage

Leaks can happen anywhere, anytime.  

Leaks are not a problem you can just put a bucket under and call it a day. There are serious risks to leaks, causing water damage quickly, and sometimes secretly. It’s important to call the professionals at Classic Construction when you suspect that you may have leaks on your property.  

Where can leaks happen?  

The short answer is: anywhere. A leak can occur when an opening is created, allowing water or fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system (water pipes, etc.). With pipes running under and throughout your property, a leak can happen anywhere there is contained water. If you consider your home a container that is supposed to keep water out, a leak can also occur whenever there is damage to a wall or roof, creating an opening and allowing rain to sneak its way in. This often happens during weather events, especially if there is hail present. Both types of leaks can cause extensive water damage to your property.

What should I do if I think I have leaks?  

Because damage to the exterior of a home or damage to the water system on your property can cause serious water damage, Classic Construction recommends contacting us if you see these common signs of leaks: 

  • Wet spots on the ceiling/wall 
  • Peeling drywall/paint/wallpaper  
  • Discoloration of drywall/paint/wallpaper 
  • Sounds of dripping water 

Addressing leaks immediately will reduce the risk of water damage to your property, making the damaged area significantly smaller. Classic Construction is on call 24/7 to ensure that the drip you hear in your wall will be contained and fixed.  

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