Water Damage

A house in Houston suburb flooded from Hurricane Harvey 2017Water damage is no joke!  

Whether it’s a burst pipe or standing water, immediate action is crucial when dealing with water damage.

Why is water damage so bad?  

Water damage to your home or property can come in many forms. Burst pipes, failed appliances, flooded bathroom fixtures, flooding from outdoors, and the list goes on. The effects of water damage are far more significant than just wet floors.

Mold can begin to grow in places you can’t see. Sub-flooring can be damaged and warped, metals can start to rust, and general destruction can happen indoors and out.

What should I do if I think I have water damage?  

Classic Construction recommends that you first call our team for an inspection. A quick survey of your home will let us know what areas to look at when we arrive.

  • Check that the area is dry and call a professional team to bring fans if necessary 
  • Make sure no more water is coming into the area
  • Move any furniture and dry the legs, rugs, and any other items in the flooded area

While these are good tips to help mitigate the damage, you still need a professional to prevent more damage and to assess the places you can’t see.

But don’t worry; Classic Construction is a team of trained professionals who are prepared to help prevent catastrophic damage to your property. So, if you experience a flood or leak in your home or property, give the professionals a call. 


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