Sidewalk Damage Repair for Multifamily and HOAs

Types of Sidewalk Damage

First and foremost, it is going to be vital to understand the different causes of sidewalk damage; shifting ground, broken concrete, and root damage. Shifting ground is caused by the large amounts of water directly under concrete that can cause the ground to shift. Broken concrete is straight forward in that the concrete is chipped or split by some type of external forces, such as heavy machinery, vehicles being repeatedly parked, or other strong force. Root damage is another straight forward type of damage and is caused by trees and shrubs with powerful root systems moving the dirt underneath the concrete or even growing directly through it. Tree roots are wide-reaching, so you may have root damage even if you don’t have trees in your immediate vicinity. If you see damage on your sidewalk give a professional call right away to fix the issues before someone gets hurt. While you wait for them to arrive be sure to mark of any damaged areas with caution tape or other signage to help notify anyone walking by that this area is unsafe.
cracked sidewalk

Getting It Estimated

Accurate estimates are important for both the homeowners or businesses and the construction company you work with – we want to do our best to make sure that you get exactly what you need with the quality you expect. Our process is simple yet thorough and we’ll make sure to cover all your needs.

1. The Walkthrough: Our team will take ample time walking every inch of the project so that we can take notes about every aspect of the damage that needs to be recovered, replaced, or added.

2. The Danger Check: Safety is our highest priority for everyone involved and in addition to the damage, we check the context of the project for possible dangers that could injure someone and make you liable for lawsuits in the future. We take the danger check very seriously, so you can rest assured that when we walk through your property, we look at every possible angle.

3. The Marks: Documentation of the damage includes not just photos, but also our team marking specific areas so that we can make sure our team has a clear path forward for the project. These marks, although not particularly beautiful, are an important part of the process that kicks off a successful repair or reconstruction project.

Repairing Sidewalks Classic Style

When it comes to repairing damaged sidewalks, our team will come to your site to replace or grind down the raised edges of your damaged concrete to effectively repair it. In same case we’ll need to replace sections of your sidewalk as well. When there is damage due to water or tree roots running beneath the concrete we’ll help identify and treat the source to prevent future damage from occurring. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to big problem be sure to call Classic at the first site of damage.

When to Call a Professional

Remember “you step on crack you break your momma’s back” so call Classic ahead of time to fix minor issues before they become big problems. Prevention is less expensive than paying medical bills, make sidewalk maintenance part of your annual inspection package. We’ll be there every step of the way ensuring your sidewalk repair process is done right. Everyone needs a team they can trust, we’ll be there on time, on budget, that’s Classic!

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