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Storm season in Texas is no joke!

Storms in Texas can build up quickly and cause mass destruction with winds, hail, floods, and even tornados. Keeping your family safe and your home intact is important to us. We want to ensure that you get the highest quality general construction services. Classic Construction, the local experts in storm damage repair and roofing services, will make sure your family and property are taken care of.

Hail damage on roofWhat exactly is storm damage?

Storm damage can vary from hail damage to roofs, high winds that can blow off shingles, structural damage, signage damage, and flooding in your home or business. Ignoring the damage by not addressing it immediately could be more devastating than the storm damage itself. 

The most severe storm damage can be the hardest to detect. Hail damage can leave slight abrasions to your roof, causing interior water damage. Wind damage can also be a significant risk to your property. Most roofs are rated for an average of 30-50 MPH winds, but wind damage can occur with wind speeds at 40 MPH or more.

What should I do if I think I have storm damage?

If you think you have storm damage, call your trusted local general contractor immediately. Waiting to repair storm damage to your property is oftentimes worse than the initial damage. 

There are some easy telltale signs for you to look for if you think your property has suffered storm damage. Some of these signs are: 

  • Glazing around window panes 
  • Flaked paint on the outside of your property 
  • Damage to your fence or siding caused by hail – this is called “peppering” 
  • Environmental damage – Take a look at your lawn and surrounding trees. Fallen limbs and damaged grass can be a clear indicator of storm damage. 
  • Damage to your vehicle – If the storm was strong enough to damage your vehicle, it’s a safe bet that your property was affected as well. 
  • Dents in drainage systems and gutters
  • Gravel/sediment or granules in your gutter downspouts – Standard roofs have a rough texture that can be worn off with storm damage. These “rocks” collect at your downspouts. 
  • Damage to your outdoor patio and/or furniture
  • Talk to your neighbors! – Your community is a great source of trusted information. They might be able to bring your attention to damage on your property that you may not have thought of. 

These telltale signs of storm damage should be addressed as soon as possible. But be careful about who you decide to contact for your general construction needs. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you will find that some general contractors will be focused on making money on your project instead of helping you and your family. If contractors see the age and conditional “wear and tear” and then claim damage as storm-related, it can lead to a false claim. Don’t risk losing your home insurance by making the mistake of going with the wrong local contractor. Make sure to call Classic Construction first. Our team will provide you with a free professional estimate on the storm damage to your home.

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