Storm Damage

Storm Season in Texas Is No Joke!  

Storms in Texas can build up quickly and cause mass destruction with winds, hail, floods and even tornados.

What Exactly IS Storm Damage?  

Hail damage to roofs, high winds can blow off shingles, blow over structures and signage, and flood damage all mean severe storms can be devastating to your property.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Hail Damage?  

Classic Construction recommends that, if you don’t have a way to see if you have hail damage to the roof of your building, you check other areas to see if they are affected. Some areas you can easily check are:  

  • Window panes  
  • Drainage systems and gutters 
  • Outdoor patio and/or furniture 
  • Signs and monuments

While these are telltale signs of  storm damage, and should be addressed as well, it can be more extensive than you think. For example, with roof damage, there is risk of having leaks, causing water damage inside of the roof or the walls of your home if not addressed immediately.  

Classic Construction is a team of trained professionals who can quickly assess and repair damage caused by devastating Texas storms. Call the professionals for the best service.

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