tips on safely heating your property in the winter

Safely Heating Your Property in the Winter

Tips on Safely Heating Your Property in the Winter

North Texas was never going to stay warm forever and now that we have cold fronts coming in. It’s about time to talk about how important it is to safely heat your residential or commercial property. Creating a safe environment to feel comfortable and warm during the winter months can be stressful after experiencing the 2021 winter storm but Classic Construction offers some tips on safely heating your property in the winter. From space and area heaters to the nitty gritty heating blankets, we’ve got you covered for the keeping each of your properties warm and safe this winter.

Space Heaters

Space heaters great for warming your space but are they bad for your place?

The short answer is YES!

Space heaters can pose several risks to your home or business when used incorrectly. The first and most important thing to note about using a space heater is ensuring that you never, and we mean never, leave it unattended or sleep with it on. They can cause an electrical fire that can ignite a home or business and quickly spread throughout your space. Additionally make sure that your space heater is plugged into a grounded outlet, which is one that has three prongs and your smoke detector is functioning properly. Lastly do not ever place anything on top of your space heater like clothing or blankets as these may have residue that can also quickly ignite. With proper use and care you can have your home or business toasty warm in no time with the use of a space heater.


Candles can be very relaxing and cozy when the weather starts to get cooler outside. However, any time you use an open flame or heat source for an extended amount of time, you put yourself and your property at risk. Thankfully, Classic is here to provide tips to help ease your mind when deciding to use candles this season.

  • The maximum burn time for most candles is four hours and should then be blown out to avoid potential hazards.
  • Electric and flameless candles as well as nightlights provide the same ambiance as candles, without the hazards that come along with candles making them a great alternative.
  • Remember to keep candles away from drafts, high traffic areas, as well as children and pets.
  • Always use a well-ventilated room, and always keep candles at least 3 inches apart.

Heating Blankets

There’s nothing quite like a warm blanket in a cool space – but don’t forget that this winter favorite also comes with its own set of hazards and safety concerns. If your heating blanket is 10 years or older, you may want to consider upgrading ASAP as almost 100% of electric blanket fires are caused by electric blankets older than 10 years.

New electric heating blankets feature safety controls that reduce risk of fire and burns and also feature temperature controls to keep the blanket from getting too hot. If you want an extra step of control and peace of mind, consider adding a smart outlet to your heating blanket to make sure that you can turn it off remotely if you accidentally leave it on when you leave your space.


We previously wrote tips on fireplace safety, including proper inspections, prepping and cleaning your fireplace, and how to choose the right wood. Our tips covered both gas and wood-burning fireplaces


If you have a commercial property, multi-family property, or residential home in North Texas, you know that when it’s hot, it’s really hot and when it’s cold, it’s ICE COLD! We’ve written some tips on heating your property safely to prevent fire damage including space heaters, heated blankets, and candles. If you experience a fire in your property or home, call Classic Construction right away for remediation! We work quickly, correctly, and with your insurance to restore your building to pre-fire conditions. On time. On budget. That’s Classic!

turkery fryer

Char Your Turkey, Not Your Kitchen! 3 Tips to Prepare

Preventing Fires at Thanksgiving

From cooking your bird to creating a cozy atmosphere, there are a ton of fire hazards for the holiday season. Below, we have three tips to prepare for the Thanksgiving season for that warm fuzzy feeling, without a warm flaming kitchen.

Safely Cook Your Turkey in an Oven

When preparing your kitchen for a delectable thanksgiving, Turkey prep is at the top of list. Before actually cooking your turkey or any other food, ensure it is COMPLETELY THAWED to prevent a fire or explosion hazard. Below are a few more useful tips to also to prevent fires:

  • After testing your food, immediately close the oven door
  • Keep your oven mitts and other cloth and paper out of the way of the burners.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, baking soda and metal lids nearby to put out fires quickly.
  • NEVER use water on grease fire

Safely Fry a Turkey

Char Your Turkey, Not Your Kitchen! 3 Tips to Prepare

Char Your Turkey, Not Your Kitchen! 3 Tips to Prepare

Did you just pick up a new turkey fryer kit? We’re excited for you to have a delicious fall dinner and we want to make sure you do it safely!

  • Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and dry before you place it in the fryer and stay away from water-based marinades. Any water that mixes with the oil can create a fire hazard.
  • Make sure that your fryer is on a level and sturdy surface outside of a garage and off of a deck.
  • To ensure your don’t overfill your fryer, try to choose a smaller turkey between 8 – 10 lbs. Keep close watch of the fill line from your fryer’s manufacturer!
  • Wear safety gear like goggles and oven mitts and make sure to have a grease-rated fire extinguisher available for emergencies.
  • Never leave your fryer unattended.
  • After your turkey is done, make sure to keep your oil on a level surface and have the oil cool off overnight before you dispose of the oil.

Fireplace, Candles, and Safety

Whether you’re using fireplaces and candles for special events, or to cosy up the atmosphere, it is important to remember that open flames are potential fire hazards. For candles, a few great safety tips to keep your home safe are:

  • Always burn candles in a well-ventilated room.
  • Keep lit candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave a candle unsupervised in an unattended room.

For wood and gas fireplaces, always have a professional inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney each year before you begin using it for the season. If you have an electric fireplace, always use the proper cords and make sure it is plugged into an appropriate socket. With these tips, you can ensure that a cozy fire will be a safe and welcome addition to a chilly fall and winter season!

Whether you’re cooking your Thanksgiving dinner the old fashioned way in an oven and on a stovetop, or going rustic with a fryer, there are many opportunities for danger. We’ve outlined 3 tips to prepare for the holidays including cooking your turkey safely in the oven, with a turkey fryer, and included additional tips for decor and fireplaces as well!

If your house or multifamily community experiences a kitchen fire or a fire due to fireplace misuse, call Classic Construction & Restoration, Inc today for a free estimate on repairs and restoration. Our team of experts will be there for you every step of the way, from insurance to completion.