Room with Blue Paint

Low-Budget Home Improvement Ideas

No matter the season, a refresh to your space can create joy with a small amount of budget! With a small to medium-sized budget, you can implement 1 or 2 of these low-budget home improvement ideas each season to have a home that’s always uniquely inspired by you (and can save headaches in the future).

Room with Blue PaintWall Paint

Giving your home some wall paint can be the most creative and efficient way to refresh your space. There is no limit to how particular you can be when finding a color that will pair well with your interior furniture and layout. Once you find that unique palette that best represents your home, you’ll notice the atmosphere can be revitalized.



Dishwasher for more efficient water useInstall a Dishwasher to conserve water

Outdated dishwashers can wreak havoc on your electricity and water bills. Taking the easy route and investing in an eco-friendly dishwasher can be amongst one of the most immediate cost savers of all. The fun fact? Installing a dishwasher can be done in a single afternoon. No plumber, no electrician and no worries to blowing your expenses on bills.


Impactful LightingHighlight with Lighting

Light fixtures have a wonderful way of giving an instant boost of life to any room or area in your space. Finding a unique hanging fixture like a pendant or a chandelier can toss a bit of character and guide the decor of the rest of the room.

Layers of lighting create ambiance, so think of how you can incorporate overhead lighting with lamps and under cabinet lighting for dramatic effects. Look for bulbs with harmonious, warm colors vs harsh white lights.

Window Boxes

Create a European-inspired look with window boxes! No matter the season, adding pops of color beneath your windows outdoors not only refreshes the look of your home and creates an inviting flair, but will also give you reason to open your windows and let the colors from your florals greet your gaze. As a bonus, you may even attract birds and butterflies! 

Look for native plants to your zone and take into consideration whether you receive full sun, full shade, or partial sun to that window.

Closet Organizers for a facelift

Closet organizer

There are many pre-built, inexpensive and easy to install shelving systems that you can use to clean and organize your closets. You can also buy accessories to add onto the system to store smaller items such as shoes, belts, and many more to help utilize more closet space. For the more adventurous types, you can even custom build your own shelving system!

You may not realize how much space is being wasted by shoes, boxes, and other closet items sitting on the floor and how much counter space you can create by using storage bins and storage solutions. They come in a variety of materials and styles from dark wood, to shiny metal, to clean white finishes.

extendable kitchen cabinetry racksKitchen Cabinet Rollout Drawers

Converting your ordinary kitchen cabinets to rollout drawers is a super simple and budget friendly upgrade! Not only will you be able to utilize more of the limited space, but your kitchen will be more organized and easily accessible. No more bending down to search the deep, dark backs of the cabinets! 

In the same way closet organizers create more room, adding the rollout drawers helps pull things off the cabinet bottoms and lets you layer them in a way that reduces clutter while letting you store more!


These projects are simple, but we all know that once you get started, there’s always more to update and create! If you get stuck with your home improvement project or if you have a bigger home improvement or construction project in mind, our local experienced construction professionals would love to make the dream of your space a reality.